ElFreshCo Juicery

100% Fresh Fruit Juice! No water mixes, no dirty tricks! Takeout is available all the way from Bangsar Kuala Lumpur!

Welcome to ElFreshCo

Chilled, Refreshing, and Healthy Everyday!

Who We Are

"Serving the ultimate freshness for the people." — Our Mission

We are a team of passionate baristas specialized in brewing healthy and refreshing fruit and vegetables juices for the people.

WHY Choose ElFreshCo?

So why buy from us? Let us show you.

100% Juice! No Water.

You get 100% Fresh Fruit Juice! No water mixes, no dirty tricks.

No Sugar Added, No Artificial Additives, No Powdered Flavoring, No Magic, Period!

Natural fructose directly from the squeezed fresh fruits itself! No artificial sugar, no powder mixed up, and no coloring & flavoring magic!

ELFRESHCO - No Sugar, No Artificial Additive, No Powdered Flavoring, No Magic!

Served Chilled; No Ice.

A fully packed, chilling drink for cooling down under the Malaysia hot weather. What's more to ask for?

ELFRESHCO - No Ice, Served Chilled

Planetary Friendly

Oh we definitely do our parts in many ways:

  1. Glass bottle for easy sanitization efforts then "Reuse and Recycle".

  2. Bamboo straw over plastics.

  3. Zero-waste practices by delivering the pulps and rinds to farms as fertilizers or requested material usage like baking, cooking, enzymes, or even beauty care.


We give RM0.50 discount when you bring each of your previous glass bottles to us! Must be reusable condition of course.

Right Inside KL

Our cottage is located deep inside Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur. Feel free to drop-by for a refreshing stop.

Plenty Of Options

We have a large varieties of juices & drinks for you to choose from. Not only fruits and vegetables, we have milk drinks and foods too!

Our Stores

Not only we serve juices and drinks, if you are looking for the fresh fruit and other healthy snacks, we have that here too!

Convinced? Please, come on in and check us out!