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There's more than just juices & drinks

Other than our signature fruits and vegetable juices, we also offer other great merchandise, premium fruits, and snacks too! Here are some of the great goodies from our partners, available in our Store!

Wait... there's more!

Not All The Items Are Available In FoodPanda & GrabFood

Obviously GrabFood or Foodpanda can't deliver goods like fresh fruits BUT you can always Walks-In, Picks-Up, or Whatsapp us to find out more. (We even accept custom & pre-orders)

Fresh Fruits

Looking for premium fresh fruit instead of juices? We sell them too! Freshly imported, these fruits are pampered as they never experienced room temperature before. From the ship/plane to the store, it's been transported in chilled trucks and directly into our walk in fridge (Chilled 3-5 Degrees all the time)

F1| Apple

An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away. South African Granny Smith Green Apples.

F2| Orange

Big Juicy Orange. From South Africa, These Valencias Are Great For Juicing.

F3| Lemon

Definitely Makes Your Day Bright. Huge and Juicy South African Lemons.

F4| Pineapple

Premium Imported Headless Pineapples From Philippine.

F7| Apple Fuji

Juicy Red Apple For A Glamorous Start. Large and Sweet China Fuji Apples.

F9| Pomegranate

Wholesome, Juicy, Sweet Pomegranate (Delima) Imported From Egypt And India.

F15| US Seedless Grapes

Large Seedless, Popping and Juicy Grape (Sugar Crunch). Freshly Air Flown from US (Seasonal)

Dairy Products

We too sell our partnered diary products for some growth boosting!

Plain Coconut Yogurt

Directly from our partner Mumm Mumm Shack. This homemade plain coconut yogurt in 100g bottle has:

  1. Malaysia's strong coconut taste

  2. Calcium boost

  3. Dairy-Free

  4. Great for Vegan, Paleo and Keto

Blueberry Coconut Yogurt

Directly from our partner Mumm Mumm Shack. This homemade coconut yogurt flavored with blueberry in 100g bottle has:

  1. Malaysia's coconut + blueberry taste

  2. Calcium Boost

  3. Dairy-Free

  4. Great for Vegan, Paleo and Keto

Cookies & Snacks

Some healthy snacks from our partners serve alongside our juices and drinks.

Niu Lun Nougat (牛轧糖)

Try out some baked cotton candy fused with peanuts nougats

Snowflake Crisp (雪花酥)

Who Doesn't Miss Christmas

Lemon Curd

Traditional English Spread, Great With Toasts, Cakes, Desserts & Biscuits.
Available in Lemon / Lemon & Lime
From Luna Bakery

Olive Butter Pineapple Tarts

Non-Dairy Pineapple Tarts made with Olive Butter.

From Luna Bakery

Oatmeal Raisins Cookies

Our Best Selling Cookies. Made with our Almond Pulp Turned Into Gluten Free Flour. If You Love Rock Buns, You Will Love These.

By Luna Bakery

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Subjected to product availability & approval